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Holiday Property Returns

Welcome to LastingStay, your trusted partner for effortless holiday property investments and exceptional Airbnb and property management services in Cornwall and Devon. With our expertise, we ensure a seamless experience for investors, maximizing profitability with ease

How we create value

Increased Profitability and ROI

Maximize rental income and achieve higher returns on investment through our financial analysis, revenue optimization strategies and data-driven revenue optimization techniques

Peace of Mind Property Management

Relax and let our professional team handle everything from listings, guest services, 24/7 guest support to maintaining high cleanliness standards and property maintenance, ensuring a stress-free experience. 

Enhanced Guest Experience and Positive Reviews

Delight guests with our meticulous attention to detail, coordinating property setup and interior design leading to exceptional reviews and increased demand for your property.

Airbnb Management

At Lasting Stay, we excel in Airbnb management in Cornwall & Devon. With leading property management services, dynamic pricing, and an average occupancy rate exceeding 80%, we are the top choice for property owners. Our flexible letting model blends short, mid, and long-term rentals, ensuring optimal occupancy and maximizing your rental yield.

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Property Management

Experience seamless and comprehensive property management services with us. We create compelling listings, handle bookings, provide 24/7 guest support, optimize pricing for maximum revenue, ensure property maintenance, and handle financial aspects. Trust us to elevate your property’s success with our serviced accommodation management service..

Unlock Your Property's Potential

Convert Long-Term Rentals to Vacation Gems

Discover the power of transforming your long-term rental into a highly profitable vacation retreat. Our expertise ensures remarkable returns on investment by evaluating its viability as a short-term rental. Through strategic property transformation and effective marketing, we create inviting spaces, exceed guest expectations, and maximize occupancy rates. Experience the journey towards higher returns and a successful vacation rental investment today.

Elevate Your Holiday Rental Experience

Experience excellence in holiday rentals with LastingStay. From exclusive luxury apartments to comprehensive services, we deliver exceptional results. Maximize profitability and enjoy a seamless experience. Trust us for property setup, marketing, management, and financial optimization. Elevate your rental experience and unlock your property’s true potential. 

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